WAW Agenda

In 2019, positive developments are expected in the real estate sector.

General Manager of Real Estate Valuation Inc. of Turkish Bank for the Development of Industry, Makbule Yönel Maya announced that they expect hopeful developments in 2019

The campaign on interest rates on housing loans, which is launched in 2018 and the banks make at the end of the year, continues to influence. The General Manager of TBDI Real Estate Valuation Inc., Maya also said that “We look forward to the future with more hope for 2019”.

Maya also added that “The decline in the real increase in housing prices has continued since 2016 If we consider this to be slight normalization in the prices, I think this normalization could create a potential in terms of real estate investments in 2019 We can talk about alternative solutions for housing finance, models that may be alternative to the house purchase on credit, and repositioning in commercial real estate more in 2019