WAW Agenda

The world's new real estate trend, Get housing from Turkey.

The Turkish Statistical Institute has published a research involving the numbers of purchase of housing from Turkey by countries. As a result of the research, it has been documented that the choice of housing from our country increased by approximately 100% compared to last year.

As a result of this development that also brings a serious power to the real estate sector in Turkey, according to November 2018 data, it has been seen that Kazakhstan has bought 60 houses. However, this number was 31 last year. In addition to this, we see that there is also a demand from the United States and European countries. For example, while the number of houses the USA bought from our country last year is 20, this year it is seen to rise to 70 Britain and Germany are also in the top 10 of the list.

The first two countries in the list are Iran and Iraq. While Iran ranks second in the list with 463 houses, Iraq ranks first with 1003 houses. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data, the number of houses bought from Turkey is a total of 4718