WAW Holding


WAW Holding that sets out with a goal of becoming a pioneer in the construction sector in Turkey…

WAW Holding, which strives to provide its customers the benefit of technological development as well as the trust in its human resources, works to improve the lives of people every day in the sector with the importance it attaches to the information technologies and investments it makes. WAW Holding, which blends technology and design in harmony, has adopted the principle of upgrading the standards in the industry and taking a step further in every project it carries out.

WAW Holding, which has focused on customer expectations since its inception since the day it was founded, is known for innovation and development in its sector.

As a principle of being the leading role of the construction sector with its high quality production, WAW Holding will continue to produce world-class projects and offer great contributions to the Turkish construction sector without compromising its values....

We are strengthening our family ties with our common goals and assessments. We also welcome you on our journey on the way to perfection.

WAW is Decided to Spend All Its Time and Talents for a Happier Future.

WAW Holding, which was established for the purpose of building world-class, quality and modern buildings, continues to develop projects in accordance with this purpose.